Flying Bison Brewing Company - 491 Ontario Street, Buffalo, NY 14207
Phone: 716.873.1557

Retail Hours:
Thursday - Noon to 6pm / Friday - Noon to 7pm / Saturday 11am - 4pm

Tours are available as always, but please call first. Thanks.


Facebook & Twitter
Another way to interact with other fans of the brewery as well as Tim and the guys at FBBC is available through Facebook and Twitter. There are the official pages and groups as well as the ones friends have setup. Join them all and keep up to date with all things FBBC! A simple search of Flying Bison will get you there. Also, be sure to support the Rusty Chain Beer group and all of the various groups on Facebook. Thanks as always.


Larry "Red" Mrozek Memorial ...
For those of you not in the know, a page has always been "hidden" within FBBC's site as a tribute to Tim's original partner "Red" who tragically died before the brewery opened its doors. However, he is still a part of the brewery, and in fact Aviator is dedicated to the memory of Red. Click here for the page.



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