My Bock is Your Bock

Here at FBBC we recognize spring time not by the warmer air temperature nor the longer days, but by the release of Barrel Roll Bock.

This small batch seasonal offering is a Maibock in the traditional Bavarian style. It’s deep golden in color with a soft, malty body that carries right through. Its balanced crisp finish is owed to a judicious amount of German-grown Hallertau hops (a personal favorite for this brew monkey for sure). At 7.3% ABV it is our attempt to warm our patrons as they once again embrace their porches, backyards and bars, heartily commenting, “It’s not so bad out!”.

Beer Mug
Not pictured: frolicking employees

Our recipe is old enough to be found in Tim’s marble composition notebook full of home brew recipes from the golden craft brewing days of the mid 1990’s. While leafing through the brittle pages of the seemingly ancient parchment, stained with wort from boil overs and scratch-outs from miscalculations, the frequency of German bock beer recipes is apparent. This is certainly a reflection of the first stages of craft brewing in this country, when recreating traditional European styles was basically a mantra. Crisp lagers and strong bocks were still mythical entities, being that they were not widely available states-side.

Barrel Roll Bock (originally referred to simply as ‘Maibock’ or once as ‘Peter-brau’ in the notebook) is in this spirit a direct interpretation of the classic style that helped warm the Bavarians as they transitioned from winter hibernation to spring-time frolicking.

Which brings me to an important point, frolicking is mandatory while drinking a mug of Maibock (0.5 liter or 1 liter mas krug for those not weak of liver).

Do seek this out on tap at select better beer bars and here at the brewery (yup, still in Riverside until July).

PROST and happy spring!

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